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3 tips for successful sleep away from home with a baby

3 tips for successful sleep away from home with a baby

Nights are getting easier, you may have even sorted a great sleep routine with your baby, hurrah! But then along comes Christmas or maybe a trip that means staying away from home and all the home comforts that make night times so easy. Staying away from home even without a baby takes a little planning but when you have a small person to factor into the mix all you're doing is worrying about how it's going to go and how much sleep you'll get!


Stick to your routine as much as possible

If you normally have a 'bath, book and bed' routine starting at a certain time then stick to it as closely as possible, including the time you start it. The familiarity will help your baby to know what's coming and give them their familiar sleep cues.


Surroundings are key

Show your baby the room and cot they will be sleeping in before you start the bedtime routine. This will mean their surroundings aren't a complete shock to them when you're trying to get them off to sleep. Using a sleeping bag/blanket/sheet from home will help them to feel comfortable as it will have a familiar scent.  If you have a nightlight or mobile that is portable and you can bring it with you easily - do! A SnoozeShade for travel cots will be really helpful for blocking out distracting light and disturbances if you're sharing a room with your baby.


Be prepared for some disruption

Try not to let any disruption stress you out - generally if you are staying away somewhere it's because you are on holiday or with friends and family. Try not to get too worked up if bedtime goes a little wonky. Remember your baby will pick up on your stress and mirror it. 


For more tips on how to maintain a good sleep pattern when you're out and about or away from home read our post from Wee Sleep baby sleep consultants.


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