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Tips for Your First Family Vacation Abroad

Tips for Your First Family Vacation Abroad

Help your trip go as smoothly as possible

The summer break is just around the corner, so many of us are preparing to go away for a couple of weeks in the sunshine. Hoorah! This is truly our favourite time; we all work so hard during the year, so those two weeks of sun and sand are definitely well-earned by the time we get there! When you're a parent though, vacations can take on a whole different vibe.

We love travelling with children and there are so many positives, so we thought we’d offer a few tips and tricks on how to make the most of a family vacation.

Here is our quick guide on tips for your first family vacation abroad.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

It's all in the planning. When you're taking small children away with you, it really does pay to be as prepared as possible. Make lists, use the calendar on your phone to schedule in important 'must do' tasks before you travel, get a guidebook and scour it for details about where you're staying. Get organised and you stand a much better chance of getting the most out of your vacation.

A few things that need planning and should not be left to chance:

  • Where you're staying; is the accommodation child friendly, do you need to bring anything to make it so, and are there on-site activities to keep everyone happy? How far are you from shops and restaurants? Do you need a hire car to get around? Is there a pool or beach nearby? Where will you all be sleeping? Make sure you're clear on all of this before you go.
  • How you're getting there; tickets and passport! Make sure you have times and locations written down and kept safely so that you can access them easily. For the kids, it's a good idea to pack plenty of activities and snacks to make the journey as easy as possible, so add that to your planning list too.
  • Money; how much will you need to spend on your vacation, and how much will you spend while you're there? Write down your budget and use this to plan your activities and daily spends.

Pack Wisely

Nobody wants to be trekking through the airport with kids and way too much luggage. Pack wisely and use those lists to help you. Roll clothes instead of folding them so you have more room in your case and split items across all your cases so that if one goes missing, you don’t have one person left with no clothes. Don't forget to pack activities and snacks for the kids!

Tips for Your First Family Vacation Abroad

Sun Protection

Just as it is here at home, sun protection for the whole family is a must on vacation, so don't leave home without it. Don’t forget to pack SnoozeShade for your stroller and pack-n-play, too.

Spend Wisely 

If you've planned your budget, stick to it. When you're away with kids it's so easy to fall into the habit of spending way more than you need to but it doesn't have to be that way! Older kids can have their own spending money each day and there are other ways to save money with little ones.

Take Lots of Photos!

Vacations with the family really can be hard work - but nothing in life is easy if it's worth doing. You're going to make lots of happy memories, so make sure you document them. Older kids can also keep notes in a vacation diary, which is a fantastic way to remember your amazing Summer travels.

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