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"Great for maintaining your baby's sleep routine when you are out and about"

- Jo Tantum

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What happy parents say...

My youngest is the only one of my kids who will not sleep in a stroller. We bought this for our trip to Disneyworld and it was a lifesaver at helping her to nap while the older kids were on the rides. It was also a great sun shade when she was awake and she was able to see out easily at 5 months old. Highly recommend.

I have never taken time to write a review on anything but this is insanely good. We used it for my 6 month old's first trip away as we were room sharing in a hotel, and she is used to her crib in her own room with black out blinds. She slept as good if not better with this than she does at home, and we could turn the lights on in the hotel without issue while she slept. Worth every penny.

Love this product! I love the zipper so you can check on them. Wish I had bought it sooner but I didn’t know it existed. I was walking my 3m old son with my hubby & was saying how I wished there was such a product where your baby gets well protected by the shade but I can also see him. This one is worth the money. Frustrated, I googled stroller shade and felt really stupid for not doing it sooner. Buy this product. You won’t regret it.

This product was a game changer for our little one! At home, our daughter sleeps in a room with blackout curtains and white noise, and we were concerned when travelling how we would help keep our good sleep habits up for her, while on the go. The breathable mesh cover creates a blackout effect over our stroller - and we even add a portable white noise machine on the handle of our stroller. It is super easy to attach to both the car-seat stroller and the seated stroller. Would recommend to any new parent, and especially a parent who is prioritizing sleep!

Absolutely love this product. Makes life on the go so much more enjoyable. Definitely a must have. Will be purchasing this for baby shower gifts. When im out and it's nap time I'll throw the snooze shade on my uppababy Vista and my baby just hangs out in her darkened seat and quietly falls asleep Everytime and stays asleep longer then if it wasn't on. Buy it! You won't regret it :)Helpful

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