SnoozeShade says a sad farewell to Canada

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this.

We’ve loved working with many of the leading baby sleep experts in Canada and had great feedback from parents but we’re having to stop selling SnoozeShade in Canada.

So why can I no longer sell in Canada?

There are a number of sellers on third party marketplaces that are selling what look like close copies of my pack’n’play blackout cover at a fraction of the price of mine.  

I’ve invested time and money over the last 13 years into extensive safety testing, researching new testing capabilities, and the most important part – creating a safe product from scratch.   

These products are mass-produced in China and are available for anyone to buy on websites like Alibaba from $5-6.  Most don’t come with instructions, any labelling (safety, washing or any way to track who you’ve actually bought it from).   

Most worryingly they are made from fabric that is completely inappropriate for the use of covering a pack and play. These products could be dangerous and parents are buying them because they are the cheapest option thinking they are getting what they have been told they are buying.

Parents! if it says it’s made of mesh and it’s made of something else then please send it back!

One of the hardest things to fight is that these sellers have no problem with being untruthful on their listings.  They use the words air-permeable and breathable and show images of puffs of air on pictures and state that their product is made of mesh.  This has been incorrect in all but 1 of the products I have test purchased.  The products they are saying are made from mesh are made from spandex.

So, if you take one thing away from reading this postplease send back a product that has said it is a mesh (which means it should be woven in a way that has holes like the picture above) and not a solid fabric that would normally be used for sportswear. 

The companies selling these products do not care about the safety of your child.  They care about selling products and making a profit.

It’s always been safety first at SnoozeShade

When I invented SnoozeShade, it was as a mother first and foremost.  Safety was at the front of my mind before I went forward with the idea.  I wanted to ensure that my products were as safe as I could possibly make them.   

The normal process would be to design a product and hope it would pass safety tests and amend as needed.  That wasn’t good enough for me… so I looked into the safety standards of baby products and they are often designed to be safe enough for a 3 year old to use as the premise is that it’s really an adult using it on the baby. 

I wanted to go further and found safety standards for a newborn toy (that baby will directly interact with) that can be used to maximise safety and minimise risk. So that’s what I did.

Why my products are more expensive

Everything about how a SnoozeShade prpduct is put together and made is unique and focuses on safety. 

My fabric is a specially designed air-permeable mesh and made only for me – you cannot buy it off the rack. It’s important to know the difference between breathable and air-permeable when it comes to air-flow.  Breathable is a quality that enables a fabric to wick moisture away (that’s why it’s needed in sports activity clothing).  Air-permeable is the ability of a fabric to allow air to pass through it.  A fabric can be breathable but not air-permeable. 

I don’t use toggles (choking hazard), buttons (choking hazard) magnets (choking hazard and very high risk if they get loose and baby eats them), long straps (choking and entrapment hazard), my zips withstand huge loads so are very unlikely to give in to a small child and the snaps I use are the only baby safe certified snaps in the world.

My mesh is a very different construction to a spandex fabric for example – you wouldn’t want spandex to fall on a baby’s face.  My mesh would not be an issue (and direct suffocation is something I have had tested too).

I use two layers of my mesh which obviously adds to my cost to maximise air flow, increase darkness levels and choose colours that block maximum UV.  None of my products are treated with any chemicals.  

I have tried to reduce my costs but I can never go as low as the mass-produced ones because the elements I use are too costly (and as they are these ones would never pass my quality control).

Some of the examples of the products on sale on third party marketplaces are below – you can buy them from under $5.

Sadly, the same issue is happening in the US so, for the time being, I will continue to sell there until it becomes impractical to do so.

Canada thank you – it’s been great and we’ve made some fantastic relationships which we hope will continue.

Stay safe out there

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